Drive-Thru Viewings

In a hurry? Now you can pay your last respects on the go!

Avoid the hassle of finding a parking place, walking all the way inside, coming up with something nice to say to family members, etc. Instead, just mourn in the comfort of your air-conditioned car.

When you pull up to the window, sensors underneath the pavement recognize the presence of your car. The curtains open and music begins to play. You then have three minutes to view the body.

While you’re in the drive-thru you can drop a gift in the memorial box and sign the register book. (But you’ll have to roll down your window to do that.)

“I think it shows how far advanced people are, especially since we live in such an advanced society,” said one person.

Hmmmm. Gotta love being advanced.

Contrast this with Lindsay’s message this past Sunday: Where is God when it hurts? He’s at Calvary. Not disinterested or far off. He comes and shares our suffering: “Surely He took up our pain and bore our suffering” (Isaiah 53:4).

When the Son of God came to address the problem of our pain and suffering, He didn’t do a drive-thru. He got fully involved. Lived among us. Grieved with us. Shared our suffering. And bore our pain all the way to the cross. Because God doesn’t do “advanced.”

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