The Amazing Shoulder

Dear Woodland Hills Family,
This poster and many like it hang on the wall where I’ve been going for physical therapy following my shoulder surgery. Note the title:The Amazing Shoulder. What an understatement.
Try moving your arm in all the ways these drawings show it can move.
It is your shoulder that enables you to change a light bulb overhead, bring your fork up to your mouth, get something out of your pocket, fish your belt through the belt loop behind your back, swat the bug buzzing around your ears, push open a door, wave goodbye, throw a ball, pull the car door closed… and a thousand other tasks!
The range of motion is incredible. Imagine if your thumb or elbow or knee could go in as many directions!
We might be tempted to compare the shoulder to the hip joint. But the shoulder isn’t embedded into the trunk with a “ball and socket” joint like the hip. If it were it couldn’t have the range of motion it does. Instead, 11 different muscles hold the arm in place against a small depression on the trunk.
These 11 different muscles are beautifully choreographed to produce the symphony of movement you enjoy. With your arm by your side, one muscle raises it about 30 degrees, then another one takes over for the next 30 degrees, and then the first muscle comes back on board to take your arm the rest of the way to the top.  And that was just for one movement! In the design of the shoulder, our Creator has given us absolutely amazing mobility, flexibility, coordination, and strength!
But of course the authors of these wall posters don’t give Him that credit. No, they marvel at the design, but fail to acknowledge the Designer. In the words of Scripture, they “worship and serve the creature rather than the Creator” (Romans 1:25).
But having my shoulder repaired and learning all about it has led to one worship experience after another! I sincerely believe you could study any aspect of God’s creation and–if your heart would allow it–you’d be led to praise!
So even though the shoulder posters failed to do so, let’s be sure to give God His due!
Intent on His increase,