The Book of Romans

Romans, sin

The Family Values: Romans 12

Don’t walk on the grass. No skateboards. No turn on red. Don’t feed the ducks. Our world can seem overwhelmingly full of rules and imperatives. While some regulations are trivial or humorous, the ones we find in Romans 12 serve an important purpose. Listen in to ¬†learn about the values in the family of God…

Romans, sin

Living Sacrifices: Romans 12

If you’ve journeyed with us through Romans, you’ve seen a whole lot of God’s mercy along the way! What does that mean for you and me? Listen in to learn about the Apostle Paul’s appeal to action based on all of God’s kindness and mercy.

Romans, sin

The Olive Tree of God’s People: Romans 11

If you’ve ever wrestled to understand the connection between Israel and the Church, then this message from Romans 11 is for you. Listen in to gain some clarity on what it means to be “grafted into the olive tree,” and what God has been doing throughout history. Find additional messages from our series on the…