Sermons by Jerry DeRenzo

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The Shepherds Still Speak

How much do we really know about the shepherds of the Christmas story? Listen in to discover four activities of these anonymous shepherds that are still an example to us today. About this Series: These… Still Speak We often celebrate the lives of the biblical greats, such as Moses, David, Esther, Mary, and Paul. But this preaching…

Paul’s Motivation for Missions

What motivates someone to willingly risk their life in dangerous conditions? Listen in to discover the three things that motivated the Apostle Paul to spread the gospel at great personal cost, and how those motivations relate to us today.


The Family Values: Romans 12

Don’t walk on the grass. No skateboards. No turn on red. Don’t feed the ducks. Our world can seem overwhelmingly full of rules and imperatives. While some regulations are trivial or humorous, the ones we find in Romans 12 serve an important purpose. Listen in to  learn about the values in the family of God…